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The future of the ocean

The collapse of the Fishing Industry
Fishing industry is now facing a major crisis. Fish stocks are depleting all over the world. The list of fish in the process of disappearing is getting longer and longer each year. According to the FAO, about 70% of the world's major fish species and eleven of the 15 major fishing areas are in process of disappearing.
According to The American Journal "Science" of November 3rd 2006, if nothing will be done, almost all species of edible fish and sea food will disappear by 2050. But according to the book of Philippe CURY and Yves MISEREY: "Une Mer sans Poissons" (A sea without fish) (Calmann-Levy), mentioned in the French newspaper Le Figaro of June 18 2008, this scenario will occur by 2020. This decline in the world fish supply is the result of over fishing, indiscriminate fishing methods and degradation of coastal and inland ecosystems.
Aquaculture: The uprising
Aquaculture and Mariculture by way of new technological discoveries will provide an alternative solution to the fishery crisis allowing repopulating the oceans in the face of the dramatic decrease of the aquatic life, without damaging the environment.

Nowadays, aquaculture, the farming of the fish, shell fish and aquatic plants represents the fastest growing sector in world food production. One among two fishes eaten by human beings comes from aquaculture.

Fish Farm Tech Solution: Aquaculture in open sea
Fish Farm Tech technology was conceived by the best international professional team to provide an aquaculture technology with the ability to submerge the farming cage as a method of protecting fish in difficult sea conditions. Fish Farm Tech technology allows raising fish in open sea, reducing pollution, improving the quality of the fish and protecting the structure and the fish stock. Where nature and innovation meet, fish farming becomes ecologically friendly, efficient and profitable.